In 2010, Terra Engineering and Construction was founded on the moral and ethical principles and values of its founders. Above all, the company adhered to the values of integrity and loyalty, and focuses on the client and his needs.

Since its establishment, the company continues to lead successful building and finishing projects for international and Israeli companies from different fields, and specializes in providing companies with office space, in collaboration with first-rate architects.

Our carefully selected business partners operate according to our specified standards: meeting deadlines, ensuring safety, following schedules and maintaining ongoing contact with the client and other parties involved in the project.

About Our Company

Sason Ozer

Sason Ozer has over 25 years of extensive experience in managing and directing a variety of large-scale building and renovation projects for leading companies in the industry, while successfully overcoming and resolving complex challenges. Sasson, Co-Founder and Co-CEO.

Ram Sorek

Co-Founder of the Terra Engineering and Construction Company. Residing Co-CEO. Ram has extensive experience in leading and managing a variety of complex projects in the construction industry. The projects include initial planning and coordinating, designing final plans, obtaining permits, preparing tenders and managing and supervising field work, including laying the foundations, framing, developing, finishing, and handing over the project for occupancy.

Among our clients

Three ingredients to a successful project

A commitment to excellence

We are fully committed to our clients and to achieving excellence in every aspect of every project we undertake. Our commitment to excellence begins from the moment of introduction, and continues through the fieldwork, to the point when the project is handed over, on time, to our client's full satisfaction.

Keeping our word

We believe that the key to a successful project lies in providing excellent services. Therefore, we maintain an open and ongoing dialogue with our clients and professional partners, based on transparency and cooperation, and insist on fulfilling our promises.

Fast and flexible

Our working method offers flexibility and managerial experience. On the one hand, our record shows that we complete projects with varying levels of complexity. On the other hand, our flexible working method enables us to respond promptly to any given task, meet tight schedules, offer creative solutions when decisions need to be made, and closely supervise the quality of the work.